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Are You In? Protect Medicare -- Help Reelect President Obama


In his first two and half years in office, President Obama has followed through on his commitment to protect Medicare and seniors, improving care and benefits while fighting waste, fraud and abuse and making Medicare more efficient.

Now, with the President's 2012 campaign just beginning, he needs the help of people like you to ensure Medicare remains a reliable source of coverage for current and future generations of seniors.

Sign our pledge to say, "I'm In." Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and help organize, raise money, and build an unprecedented grassroots organization to win in November 2012.

When you add your name, we'll send you campaign updates and information about how you can help lead the campaign in your community.


I pledge to roll up my sleeves and support President Obama's 2012 campaign because he has done more to protect Medicare than any president in four decades. To win this election, I will help to build an innovative campaign from the ground up, organizing block by block and talking to my neighbors, co-workers, and friends. 

I'm in.

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