Are you facing a harassment call by Loan Recovery Agent?

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Hello Everyone, 

I hope you all doing well? As we are facing severe lockdown in India. Day by day Mobile Instant Loan App organization pressurizing you for Loan repayment.

Are you facing threatening Emails, Messages and voice calls? 

Not to worry anymore. RBI has given permission for Late repayment for 3 Months. In these 3 months, Your CIBIL score won't get affected. 

List of Mobile Loan Application.

  • YesRupee - Very Critical - (Involved in Data Hijacking, Abusing calls to reference, Vulgar Talks with customer's partner, Should get banned)
  • Loan Front - Low (Under Review, Not under RBI Guidelines) 
  • Wifi Cash - High ( Charging Penalty & Threatening for court case)
  • MoreRupee - High (Female staff abusing customer, Blackmailing and data breaching)
  • CashIn - High - (Threatening customer, Data Hijacking, Misusing of customer data) 
  • MoNeed - High and Critical (Involved in Data Hijacking-Should be Banned)
  • Cashbus - High and Critical ( Involved in Data Hijacking - Forging Government document for recovery of the loan amount )
  • Kissht - High ( Multiple Threatening over emails and messages )
  • Moneyclick - High (Multiple Call and threat messages)
  • CashMama High (Threatened for payment and Fake commitments)
  • Erupee - Medium (Charging High penalty per day)
  • Cashcred - High - (Involved in Social Abusing by Loan Recovery Agent.
  • Cashe - High - (Pressurizing customer to pay partial amount for extension)
  • creditt( Credify technologies) - High - (Under Review)

Please note: Many more applications will be added here with the public interest.

Know your Rights!

  • Mobile Loan Application doesn't have any rights to blackmail you in this COVID-19 Lockdown.
  • They do not have any rights to misuse your contact details, Government ID's like Aadhar Card, Pan Card. 
  • If they are threatening you, Please lodge a police complaint against the recovery team.
  • If they Threaten you with your personal data. That is completely against Information Technology Law.

Know the rule :

  1. You, as a debtor, have certain rights. Knowing those rights will help you handle a recovery agent.
  2. Identity: You can ask the recover agents to show their identity cards issued by the bank or under the authority of the bank.

  3. Privacy: You have a right to privacy. The recovery agent cannot discuss the debt to another person. So don’t panic if he threatens to tell neighbours or co-workers about your debt. If he does so, you can file a complaint against him with the bank.

  4. Time: The recovery agent should contact you between 7am and 7pm. However, if your working hours or work shift does not permit this, you may be contacted beyond this time limit.

  5. Calls: You can choose the place and time for receiving recovery calls. You can also request them to not call you at a particular place or time. For instance, if you don’t want to receive calls at work, specify the same to the agent or the bank. Keep in mind, they will respect your request only till they feel you are not avoiding them.

  6. Decency: The recovery agent has to talk to you in a decent and civilized manner. No abusive language should be used. Also, the written communication sent by the banks or NBFC should be easy to understand.

  7. Data Threat: The recovery agent does not have any rights to access or misuse your personal data. If they threaten you with your data.

    That is against to Information Technology Act,  Section 66: Protection against data theft has been provided under this section. This section imposes the penalty of imprisonment of up to 3 years or fine up to `5 lakh or both on the person who commits the crime of data theft.

    Under section 72A of the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000, disclosure of information, knowingly and intentionally, without the consent of the person concerned and in breach of the lawful contract has been also made punishable with imprisonment for a term extending to three years and fine extending to Rs 5,00,000.
  8. Investigation: If you file a complaint against a recovery agent, the bank needs to investigate the matter. This makes recovery agents accountable for their collection practice.

  9. Inappropriate occasions: If there is a death in your family or any such event, you can tell the agent not to call you or make visits for a few days.

  10. Records: Banks document the content of conversations between customers and agents along with the time and number of calls. Banks also need to keep all copies of communications sent to customers.

  11. Disputes: If you face any dispute or differences regarding dues, seek the assistance of the lender.

  12. Debt counselling agencies such as Abhay and Disha also offer such services for free. If you are uncomfortable going to these centres, you can avail counselling over the telephone which also is provided without any cost.

  13. Recourse if harassed

    If you think the agent is not following any of the above-mentioned rules, you should sign a petition here. 

Let us know about your experience.

We promise we decided to take legal action against those above-mentioned companies. If you feel you are one of them, You are facing threat messages, Calls, Data-Hijacking? You are most welcome to sign this petition.

Save people from criminals. 

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