Halt the construction of a wind turbine 396m from Denis Murray's home

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This dashing gent is Denis. He's a loveable 20 year old who enjoys watching wrestling, stealing food from the fridge and going to Live at the Proms. Denis suffers from a rare chromosome disorder, known as Tetrasomy 18p that means that Denis has severe learning difficulties, no speech, an impaired ability to respond to danger, has increased sensitivity to noise and is entirely dependent on his family for his care. His condition is so rare, Denis is a member of a chromosome charity called Unique (

A recent planning application is seeking permission to erect a 250kw wind turbine with a base height of 40m and blade length of 22m, directly behind Denis's home. We live in a rural setting with minimal background noise and the proposed turbine would be only 396m away from our home. Our family are deeply worried that the noise generated by the turbine will have an adverse effect on Denis who is a vulnerable person with an acute sensitivity to noise.

We are concerned that due to this noise sensitivity, it will cause sleep and emotional difficulties and effectively render Denis a prisoner in his own home. The noise and disturbance generated by the turbine might also breach Denis’ rights under both Article 1 and Article 8 of Protocol 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights. 

Most of the noise generated by turbines comes from the movement of the blades through the air, particularly when they pass the tower. This can produce a deep pulsing / thumping noise which has been reported to carry over long distances. This low pulsing sound may penetrate the walls of houses, and has been reported to cause severe distress to some residents, preventing them from sleeping at night.

In Northern Ireland, there are no laws on the planning for wind turbines but the “Best Practice Guidance to Planning Policy Statement 18 ‘Renewable Energy’” (August 2009) states: “As a matter of best practice for wind farm development, the Department [of the Environment] will generally apply a separation distance of 10 times rotor diameter to occupied property (with a minimum distance of not less than 500m).” The proposed turbine is 396m from Denis's home. 

We agree that wind energy is an important part of Northern Ireland's alternative energy provision and should be encouraged, but not when it is going to damage the lives of those left in its wake. There are alternative sites, many locally, that are far enough from human habitation, that can provide a home for wind turbines.

Denis is fun loving 20 year old, who does not have the ability to speak up for himself and make his struggles known. Placing a wind turbine so close to the place that Denis loves so much puts his future at risk. Please stand with Denis and support our cause to stop this turbine being erected. 

He'll definitely give you a hug to say thanks.


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