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Petitioning Seattle Archdiocese and 14 others

Allow Gay-Straight Alliances in Catholic High Schools


The Archdiocese of Seattle has refused to allow gay-straight alliances in local Catholic high schools despite the necessity of such clubs and repeated lobbying by local students.

A gay-straight alliance is a student run club that allows for students to meet in a safe and welcoming place where they may discuss any challenges in their lives, make new friends, and find the loving support of their schoolmates. These clubs are not political; they simply seek to foster awareness and understanding and to welcome all students. While homosexual acts are a sin in the Catholic faith, homosexuality itself is not. Thus, these clubs do not conflict with the teachings set forth by the Vatican.

In schools with gay-straight alliances, studies have shown that students experience less bullying and contemplate suicide less often. The need for gay-straight alliances in the Seattle archdiocese is imperative. LGBTQ students often feel forgotten, lost, sinful, or even suicidal at a school that refrains from even discussing "the gay issue." Still other students demonstrate a lack of understanding of what being gay even means.
By allowing gay-straight alliances in Catholic high schools, the Seattle Archdiocese can ensure that every student feels safe at school, that every student has a support network in place, and that every student has the right to question their identity. A simple "yes" will create a community of solidarity and love. Please tell the Archdiocese of Seattle to allow Gay-Straight Alliances in Catholic high schools!

Letter to
Seattle Archdiocese
Dean of Students at Bellarmine Prep Cindy Davis (Dean of Students at Bellarmine Prep)
Principal at Seton College Preparatory Ed Little
and 12 others
Dean of Students at Seattle Preparatory Jenell Kheriaty
Principal at Pope John Paul II Ron Edwards
Assistant Principal/Dean of Students at Kennedy Mike Maggart
Assistant Principal of Student Services at O'Dea Jeanne Eulburg
Head of School at Forest Ridge Mark Pierotti
Dean of Students at Holy Names Academy Kim Dawson
Principal of Eastside Catholic Polly Skinner
Principal of Bishop Blanchet Sheila Kries
Dean of Students at Archbishop Murphy Tyler McLaughlin
Assistant Superintendent, Policies, Personnel Karen Tarabochia
Superintendent Fr. Stephen Rowan
Archbishop of Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain (Archbishop of Seattle)
Please Allow Gay-Straight Alliances in Catholic High Schools for the well-being of all your students. These student groups provide a safe place for students to discuss issues in their personal lives and in the modern world. Support of GSAs does not, in any way, "sponsor" homosexuality. It simply states that the Seattle Archdiocese wishes for all its students to be welcome and happy in their schools.