We urge immediate withdrawal of the revised morality clause in the teacher contract.

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We urge immediate withdrawal of the revised morality clause in the teacher contract.

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Voices for Truth Justice and Love started this petition to Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Currently, teachers in Catholic schools throughout Cincinnati archdiocese are faced with signing an employment contract that contains a lengthy “revised and extended” morality clause.  This strongly worded narrowly focused clause (see Contract, Page 1, #4) has caused teachers across the Cincinnati Archdiocese to struggle with whether or not to sign.  If teachers choose not to sign, they will no longer teach at their respective schools beginning in the 2014-15 school year. There are many aspects of this new contract that are troublesome and will put schools at risk of losing wonderful, qualified teachers if they choose to not sign.  Additionally, teachers who do sign the contract risk losing their jobs for any breach (or perceived breach?) of the provisions of the “revised and extended” morality clause.

The full contract can be found at 


Sadly, those affected by this contract are silenced.  They are unable to speak out in any way for fear of retribution.  We feel strongly that they need a voice and that we, the people who care deeply about our teachers, can be their voice.

So, you may be asking, "What can I do?"  

 Your voice is powerful and we ask that you join us in participating in the attached petition directed towards the Cincinnati Archdiocese immediately.  If we do not speak, our silence makes us complicit partners in enforcing a contract that denies “the right to act in freedom so as personally to make moral decisions.”  (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Section 1782)

 Along with your signature, please consider adding your concerns related to:

  • > the potential loss of qualified, valued teachers
  • > the potential of teaching staffs throughout the Cincinnati Archdiocese to become a homogeneous group which lacks the diversity that's reflective of our communities
  • > the future of our Catholic schools and their sustainability based on the restrictive, non-inclusive trend of the Cincinnati Archdiocese and their policies

Finally, we ask that you forward this request to friends, family members and colleagues. In order to make a difference, those who have designed and plan to enforce this contract need to know that there is a significant force opposed.  

WE need to speak out. WE need to advocate for our amazing teachers.  WE need to "speak the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15) on this disturbing issue.  Thank you for prayerfully considering becoming a part of this effort.

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This petition had 1,487 supporters

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