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Don't let me die without justice for my daughter's rape and suicide by a Catholic priest

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My name is Eileen Piper. I’m a 92 yr old widow battling the Catholic Church for justice after the horrific rape and sexual abuse of my teenage daughter by a priest.

They’ve been brutal and heartless. They’re hoping I’ll die so that they don’t have to deal with me anymore or pay me proper compensation for the heinous sexual abuse to Stephanie. I’ve been fighting them for 23 years – all I want is to see justice, and I refuse to give up.

Before Stephanie committed suicide, the priest, Gerard Mulvale, was charged by the Police for 6 horrendous sex offences in 1970s. The worst was when he locked her in the boot of his car, drove her down a dirt road and brutally raped her.

She described it as “being torn apart internally”. That image still haunts me.

Back then, I trusted this Pallottine Priest to care for her. Instead, he told Stephanie she was born out of sin, because she had been adopted and that she ‘had to make up for it’.

Just yesterday, the Royal Commission revealed that almost 14% of priests from the Pallottines were alleged perpetrators and that 7% of all Australian Catholic Priests are alleged child sex abusers, many of them still serving vulnerable communities. The culture of abuse has to stop. Apologies must be made. Proper compensation must be paid. Lives need to be rebuilt.

My daughter, Stephanie, was told by the church that they did not believe her allegations, and they continue to uphold this position today. Stephanie received threats from the Pallottines not go to the police. 

Please, the Pallottines and the Archdiocese of Melbourne, apologise and compensate properly for my Stephanie’s horrific abuse and subsequent suicide. I’m done waiting. I need to have justice before I die.

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