Save Holy Family Church in Detroit

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THE FUTURE OF HOLY FAMILY CHURCH IS IN JEOPARDY! Padre Pino Licciardi is being told to return back to Sicily on June 30, 2019 from the Archdiocese of Detroit. This will leave Holy Family Church without a resident Priest and will become administered by Old St. Mary's Church who has no interest in providing a resident priest to say mass or administer sacraments.

We are requesting the Archdiocese of Detroit to allow Padre Pino to remain until June 30, 2021 as originally intended. This will give the Parish community and the many organizations that Padre Pino participates in time to plan for a transition. The Italian-American Community has rallied behind Padre Pino and Holy Family Church with increased Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations, Funerals, and many social and church events centering Holy Family and Padre Pino as our shepherd.  The Archdiocese now plans to remove Padre Pino and replace him with a temporary PIME priest who cannot commit weekly with other obligations, along with removing the century old weekly Latin mass. The rectory is now being rented out by evangelical priests without any notice to the parishioners, Parish Council or Finance Council.  We urge all those to sign this petition to extend Padre Pino's stay at our church as intended until June 2021. By removing Padre Pino they will next target to close down Holy Family Church and turn Holy Family into a Chapel.  We can not let this happen, as the City of Detroit is coming back to life so is Holy Family by the guidance of Padre Pino.  We can not let this flame die out. SIGN TODAY!

Padre Pino arrived in Detroit on July 18, 2011. Since his arrival he has studied at Wayne State University to improve his English grammar and writing skills. He has improved so much that he was awarded a scholarship this past semester for his outstanding achievement in English. He was officially appointed pastor at Holy Family Church on November 20, 2011 and since his Arrival, there has been over 200+ weddings, over 400+ baptisms, over 100 confirmations, numerous funerals and anointing of the sick per request of families all over the tri-county area. Padre Pino has been honored by the State and by local organizations. In 2017 celebrated his 50th anniversary of ordination with over 300+ people in church on a Wednesday afternoon, along with over 600+ people a the reception that evening. He continues his services by writing for the Italian-American Paper, emails daily scriptures to numerous followers on Facebook and email, and visits the sick and poor daily at hospitals.

We hope you will sign this petition to Show the Italian-American community is united and allows Padre Pino more time to prepare for his retirement. An additional (1-2) years is not asking for a lot and it will give our community time to prepare for a void of his love and joy that he brings to our lives on a daily basis. It will also give the Italian Community a Voice here in Detroit that we want our say, we want our parish we built with our ancestors dimes and nickels over 100+ years ago.  Please sign, Save our Parish, Save our Priest, Save our Italian Identity in Detroit!

God Bless You All!

Sebastian Previti
Finance Council President of Holy Family Church