Help Stop destruction of 156 year old St. Joseph's AIGHS; Calicut's Heritage Building.

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The St. Joseph's building, since 1862, has played an undeniable role in making education attainable and accessible to girl children from all walks of life- par caste and creed. It contains the collective memory of thousands of women and girls , panning almost six generations. It has played alma mater to a large section of Calicut society- ensuring quality education. Keeping that heritage alive is of high importance.

Those interested in the demolishing of the building may be of the opinion that it affects the modern outlook of the management or that it is a threat to the safety. Both concerns can be addressed with the right people involved. There is a large Architects Guild active in Calicut that specialises in the restoration and strengthening of historical and heritage buildings. We must be prepared to give them a chance to present their expert opinion and help in this matter. The professors of NIT Architecture Department has make known their availability and great interest in studying the building and presenting their proposal for the same. While it does need work; respected architects who have assessed it generally opine it to to be structurally sound, saying it could be refurbished for less than it would cost to demolish and rebuild.

The restoration will only add to the historical value and character of the school. A building that is a 150 years old is and must be considered a wealth to the city it is in. In a world where characterless and soulless skyscrapers and steel-glass embodiments are dime a dozen; buildings like these serve as a place of solace and coolness for the soul and sight. They embody our past and our culture. Caretakers of our colonial architecture and history; the St.Joseph's School and it's many buildings are rich and heavy with these values. I have come to see that the present authorities of Calicut believes and works towards protecting, rehabilitating, revitalizing and celebrating the historic buildings that make our province unique.

To conclude, I think preserving building like these is essential because of the collective memories, Calicut and it's people attach to it. Generations are emotionally attached to this school building that they spend a big part of their childhood in. It has had a formative and a positive role to play in all our lives and it will be the saddest day in our lives to see it being pulled down.