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Change The BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Roster

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On January 13th, A trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. It released a few things that we have been waiting for.

However, the trailer released Blake from RWBY but she is a PAID DLC Character along with the other half of the cast. And from numerous sources that confirmed this, the launch roster will have 20 character that were shown. And there will be 20 more that will be included in DLC packs. That’s just a company being money hungry.

Many people outraged about this and some people may get to get her and protest about this. But we only got a few months until the game is released on June 5. This give us enough time to have Arc System Works change their mind about this outrageous paywall for characters that are in the main cast. 

This will not only affect people who like BlazBlue, it will also affect the fan bases of each series. That’s why we need your help to change their minds. By signing this petition, it shows that you want a game with a full Roster instead of a half of one.

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