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Don’t Let Animals Suffer in Cages

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When it comes to animal welfare, Arby’s is the worst of the worst. While virtually every other fast food chain is moving away from confining animals in small cages, Arby’s continues to source its eggs from cruel cage farms. Even companies like McDonald’s are phasing out this terrible practice. Why is Arby’s so far behind?

Dining with Arby’s means supporting farms that cage animals so intensively that they can hardly move. These farms pack egg-laying hens so tightly together that they can't even spread a single wing. They don’t experience sunlight or breathe fresh air; instead, they are forced to live inside huge, dark barns, stacked cage-upon-cage, for nearly their entire lives.

Ironically, Arby’s states that it is “following the highest standards in the food industry.” Arby’s has clearly missed recent news that shows all of its major competitors are moving away from these cages. Companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, Panera Bread, Taco Bell, and even many of the egg producers themselves have all painted a clear picture: cages have got to go.

Please sign our petition urging Arby’s to end its support of farms that cage egg-laying hens.

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