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Buckhead-based Family Office to Cut Down Healthy 100 Year Old Oak Tree to Expand Parking Lot
June 25, 2018
For Immediate Relase
In what seems like a real life version of the song “Pave paradise, put up a parking lot”, an  Atlanta-based family office group, located at 3166 Mathieson Drive Northeastin Buckhead, has posted a notice that they intend to remove at least one 100+ year old tree in the rear of the property for expansion of their parking area.  (see tree & property photos on pages 3 & 4 of press release)
The firm has no business signage at the address, but it was noted by the prior owner of the property (attorney David Boone, who passed away earlier this year) that the building was purchased from him by a family office with approximately $500 Million in assets under management and the assets were gained after a “liquidity event”.  The current property owner is listed as Forum Investment Management. (Property ownership records)
Firm principal Dale Bauman is listed as CFO of Reicon Management LLC, CFO of Reicon Capitaland the registered agent for Forum Investment Propertiesin Cartersville, linking the building’s ownership and other businesses to the address.
According to their website, “Reicon Capital LLC is a private investment management firm founded in 2000. The firm actively manages discretionary capital in the public markets, and has a diverse portfolio of alternative investments including private equity, credit, hedge funds, and real estate.” 

Neighbors Filing Appeal
Several owners at the adjacent Matheison Exchange Lofts(MEL) high-rise at 3180 Mathieson Drive Northeast have expressed concern about the tree removal plans, and will be filing an appeal with the City of Atlanta in an attempt to to prevent the removal of the tree/s.
The notice of the tree removal was first spotted by MEL condomunium owner Maryam Ossooli who walked by the property last week and stopped to read the notice on the front of the lawn. 
According to Ossooli, “I was walking by the gray stone building next to us, and noticed an orange sign indicating that there may be removal of trees at 3166 Mathieson next door. I love those 100+ year old oaks next to our building so I called the City to discuss the plans proposed by our neighbor. It seems they want to resurface and expand their parking area, and are proposing removal of the Oak tree by the picnic table. The other Oak tree looks to be left as is, but it’s not certain. The plans are due for approval imminently.  There is a 5-day window for appeal after approval.”
Like you, the idea of a healthy tree that’s survived over 100+ years coming down for a couple extra parking spots is something I couldn’t let happen without some sort of appeal”.
Other Mathieson Exchange Loft condo owners have also stated their concern that the removal of the tree could decrease property values, impact their energy bills and more….
“I’m on the 6th floor, Southeast corner.  That tree is, literally, my view.  I don’t know if any of this matters but I’m an original tenant (since 2001).  That tree was a serious factor in why I chose this side of the building (I thought to myself - no one would ever cut down that beautiful tree).  I’ve been enjoying that tree for 16 years.  On the practical side, that tree keeps my unit cooler and saves energy -  if it’s gone my energy use will probably double (as it will for everyone in the 01 stack up to the top of the tree).  Cutting down that tree will also devalue the 01 stack units if the view is just of a windowless brick building.
On the emotional side, my now 17 year old daughter grew up playing on that balcony pretending she had a yard and was up in her ‘tree house.’”
Another owner noted that the parking lot adjacent to the tree is seldom full….
“These are two trees we look at every day. To make room for more parking sounds crazy   When we look down onto the little parking lot, it is always half empty. What are they talking about???”
Increased water run-off was also noted as a concern by another owner, and a video of the already signficant run-off at the property is included with this press release as an attachment by another property owner:
“I took several videos during Friday’s downpour (1 of 4 attached).  It seems to me there are already significant water run-off issues, and it seems to me the tree HELPS this as it appears to be sucking up a lot of water.”
Several property owners at Mathieson Exchange lofts have created an informal coalition to attempt to prevent the removal of this beloved, healthy 100+ year old tree.

You have the option of keeping track of the project through "Acella Citizen". (
The permit application # is BB-201804222. The Arborist record of review is BA-201804346. And you can also use the permit address (3166 Mathieson) referenced above to find the project.
The status as of this morning is “Approved with conditions: 1- Parking lot, existing ramp shall comply with 2010 ADA chapter 5 and 2010 ADA 405 for accessible ramp slop, railing and landing areas. 2- Pending site development approval”

For additional information, contact:

Cindy Taylor/ Cell (404)324-0410
Maryam Ossooli /


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