Termination/Disciplinary action - Professor Hagood

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Termination/Disciplinary action - Professor Hagood

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I started this petition 1 week ago. Since then a few things have occured. First, I want to bring your attention to Allison Hagood, the person I am requesting Termination/Disciplinary action. She has personally signed this petition. Below, you will find her snark comment. Followed by many of her Facebook group "Anti Vax Wall of Shame" members. This is done purposefully using manipulation and psychology by Psychology Professor, Hagood. The intent is to discourage your signature.

Secondly, since this petition was originated, it has been manipulated with malware and circulated to promote harm with all sorts of viruses attached. There have been many confirmed individuals that were compromised with this hacking method. Allison Hagood and her FB "Anti Vax Wall of Shame" members are relentless to stop me from exposing the truth.

Furthermore, there has been the worst case scenario for some others. Allison Hagood and her group have also been reporting numerous unvaccinated families to the Child Protective Service. 

In closing, the intention is to carry out harmful, bullying and harassment tactics and now once step further. Promoting, indirect harm to computers via: software virus' and intentionally harm families that CHOOSE to live an alternative lifestyle.

I want to assure EVERYONE that I am working closely with change.org to make this petition safe to sign and will allow me to conclude my petition to Arapahoe County College. Thank You, Monique Rini


Elizabeth Allison Hagood is a professor of psychology at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado. She is also the Administrator/creator of a Facebook group named "anti vax wall of shame". Her member rules are made to shame, mock, intimidate, harass and report unvaccinated families to child protective services. Cult like members in the thousands, provoked to fetch screen shots and harrass people from other FB groups (she supplies a list in the hundreds) that are anti-vax, autism related , mom groups against vaccines, holistic doctors, etc. She has a specific target and agenda to mock, ridicule and prey on innocent families, especially ones that have endured vaccine injuries for the sake of her personal entertainment. This needs to stop. This is who is teaching our children? This is someone, who can at any time discriminate against a student for their belief or stance on vaccines. She has the gift of manipulation and access to vulnerable students. There are former Arapahoe students that are current members of her cult like FB group. Let's not see this progress. Elizabeth "Allison" Hagood does not belong teaching "Psychology" at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton , Colorado


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