Premiere Scott Moe - Return Saskatchewan to hockey

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The Saskatchewan Government, Premiere Moe has not communicated about or approved a return to hockey Plan. There are 20,000 hockey families in addition to countless communities, leagues and jobs relying on a safe return to play. We are calling on Premiere Scott Moe to facilitate a return to hockey in 2020 and communicate to our province. We are the last Western Province without a return to play plan and calling on Premier Moe to approve a safe return to play. We don’t need games today, but we need a plan and a date.

To date, Saskatchewan is the only Western Province without a return to hockey plan, yet Saskatchewan has the lowest infection rates and we are now on week 3 of school with positive results and low infection rates.

Given the significant physical, mental and social health benefits hockey provides to youth in addition to the significant economic benefits communities derive from hockey we ask you to return Saskatchewan back to hockey and communicate to your residents. 

This petition contains A minimum 5000 electronic signatures which speaks to the significance this holds with Saskatchewan families. We urge you to return Saskatchewan hockey back to their respective seasons.