Publish our Recreation Therapy book

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Publish our Recreation Therapy book

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Danny Pettry started this petition to Decision marker at an awesome publishing house Publishing Company President

Dear Publisher: 

Fun Fact : Fun Fact: Recreational therapists provide services to help millions of people (as young as several months old with special needs to helping people in their hundreds). 

Truth: There isn't a book of stories about recreational therapies and these stories really need to be told and shared with the world. 

I feel confident that a positive-focused book-publisher would want these stories associated with their brand (opposed to them being published with a different publisher).

Is there any way you could help me (help us) recreational therapists to get these stories published. 

Recreational therapists (in general) are good-heaRTed and caring people. They purposely provide (recreation activities as a treatment) to help people with illnesses and disabling conditions to live fuller, more functioning, and independent lives. Examples: burn units for children, nursing homes, physical rehab hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and more.

I have started putting this book together. 

However, we don't have a publisher yet. 




Share the message. 

Here are some world-famous examples of Recreational Therapy stories:

·         Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer) had lost her arm in a shark attack. She  is known to volunteer with Access Surf, an organization provided by Recreational Therapists to help people

·         Jaycee Dugard was held captive for 18 years. She attributes horse-therapy as a major part of her healing. Her foundation provides funding so for animal therapy and other recreational therapies.

·         Aron Ralston is the author of “Stuck between a rock and a hard place.” He survived six days with his arm stuck under a bolder. He attributes his recreational therapist for teaching him how to use prosthetics and to get back out to daily functioning like driving a car, and eventually by to climbing.

·         What about the veterans who receive recreational therapy through wounded warriors?

 Recreational Therapist provide amazing services and their stories need to be told. 

Sincerely, Your friend,
Danny Pettry II, M.Ed., M.S., LPC., NCC, CTRS
determined. persistent.

(Rec Therapy Advocate of the Year, 2005)

(Chief Happiness Officer at Rec Therapy Today ezine)



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This petition had 511 supporters

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