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Give Chelsea Welch her job back and Fire Pastor Alois Bell

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Recently, Pastor Alois Bell went to eat at an Applebee's with a party of 8 people. Applebee's has an automatic gratuity policy for parties of a large number. In an attempt to not have to pay this gratuity, Pastor Bell asked that the checks be broken down into smaller bills. But there was gratuity on every check per company policy. Pastor Bell and her party spent over $200 on their meal, yet when the checks came, they didn't want to pay the gratuity to their server. So Pastor Bell proceeded to cross out the gratuity and write "I give God 10%, why do you get 18"? This woman obviously has no respect for servers, who work their butts off for a meager $2.13/hour. Chelsea Welch, a friend of the server who served Pastor Bell and her party, snapped of pic of the receipt and posted it on the popular website Reddit for people to see and comment on. The people of Reddit(known as Redditors) tracked down the pastor who used God as an excuse to be cheap and have exposed her. When Pastor Bell found out, she called the restaurant and demanded that the manager and those responsible be fired for causing her such embarrassment. Due to this, Applebee's has fired Chelsea Welch. There is nothing in the employee handbook or rules against what she did. Applebee's should give Chelsea Welch her job back. Furthermore, Truth in the Word Deliverance Ministries should fire Pastor Alois Bell. Nobody who demonstrates such un-Christian principles should ever be allowed to be the pastor of ANY church!

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