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Tell us the truth about the health risks from cell phone radiation!

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The World Health Organization has declared that cell phone use may cause malignant brain and auditory nerve tumors. EVERY cell phone sold in the U.S. comes with a government-required safety warning (hidden in the technical fine print which no one sees) that using or carrying a phone directly against the body will expose the user to more microwave radiation than allowed by federal safety limits.

Instead of acting ethically and responsibly, the cell phone industry is threatening expensive legal action against cities and states which are simply attempting to inform their citizens about safe ways to use cell phones and to prevent a potential public health nightmare.

The telecom industry is among America's top $$ contributors to our elected officials and they exert powerful influence over legislators with wide-spread and intense lobbying at the state and federal levels.

Their deception of the American people in the name of corporate profits must stop! We demand they tell us the truth about cell phone radiation!

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