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Stop Body Shaming

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Apple thinks that when you type the word "fat," into your iPhone, the next word you're going to type is "girls." For real. Try it.

This body-shaming absurdity is coded into the predictive text program itself. It's NOT based on previous use. The same suggestion pops up on all iPhones. No other smart phone with predictive text offers these offensive suggestions and we think Apple needs to fix this NOW.

Equally abhorrent, when the word "white" is typed in, iPhones suggests: and, chocolate and shirt. However, when you type in the word "black," the suggestions change to: girls, man and and. Why?

When you type in the word "beautiful," you get: day, graphics and morning. When you try "smart," you get: and, enough and phone. "Successful" yields: day, people and in. Why isn't "girls" an option for any of those?

The only time Apple thinks you're going to type the word "guys" is when you enter the word "tall." So guys are tall and girls are fat. Or black. Got it.

We tested tons of words and found that Apple's predictive text needs an overhaul immediately. If you agree, please help us tell Apple by filling out the form on the right. 

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