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Apple’s flagship store plans for Fed Square. Least popular. Most rejected Apple store. Ever. Instantly slammed on first and second announcements. One hundred thousand signatures calling quits. Thousands of critical letters, comments and reviews. Apple’s megastore doesn’t belong in Fed Square. #OurCityOurSquare


On 20 December 2017, Apple, Federation Square and the Victorian Government announced plans to demolish Yarra Building at Federation Square and replace it with a Foster + Partners designed Apple flagship retail store.

Since that announcement a lot has happened. Almost instantaneously as the news was released, Victorians slammed the plans and have sustained their complete opposition:

News poll by The Age in December found 79% of people who voted said a flagship store is “not the best use of public space”.

— Open House Melbourne public debate in February found 82% of respondents said “the proposed Apple Store will not be a win for the square and for the city”.

— Campaign Our City, Our Square. by Citizens for Melbourne launched in February.

— More than 100,000 signatures recorded on petitions calling on Apple to abandon plans.


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Letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

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Key details about Federation Square

Federation Square is doing just great without an Apple flagship retail store. Take it from Deborah Beale, Chair, Federation Square, in the most recent annual report:

“Fifteen years after first opening, and with annual visitation of ten million, Fed Square is still the central gathering place for Melbourne.”

And Jonathan Tribe, CEO, Federation Square:

“I am pleased to report that the 2016–2017 financial year was one of continued great momentum and progress for Federation Square”.


Celebrated as a great success in 2003 after its first year with over six million visitors, today Federation Square enjoys ten million visitors annually:

— Number one destination for national visitors.

— Number two destination for international visitors. 

— Ten million visitors annually (2016-2017), up from over six million visitors (2002-2003). That’s two million more people visiting Federation Square than the Sydney Opera House during the same period.


Federation Square is in a sound financial position reporting an operating profit before depreciation:

— $7.5 million operating profit (2016-2017) up from $4.3 million operating profit (2003-2004)


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