Save Networking Tools on iOS 11

Save Networking Tools on iOS 11

11 October 2017
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Why this petition matters

Petition Apple to allow approved network utility apps to access MAC address information on iOS 11

Apple made a change to iOS 11 which has impacted millions of iPhone users’ who use mobile apps to secure and troubleshoot their network.

With iOS 11, Apple has blocked third-party developer access to MAC addresses. Network utility apps such as Fing, NetAnalyzer, iNet and IP scanner used this information to let users see all the devices connected to a WiFi network.

On iOS 11 users can no longer use a third-party app to identify and recognize which devices are connected to their network. They can also no longer easily detect a device's online/offline status.

Millions of professionals and home users have been impacted:

No access to MAC addresses affects a variety of different people and industries.

  • Networking Apps: Free network tools which have been available on iPhones for a decade, are now much less effective on iOS 11. These tools have been the product of years of development aimed at advancing the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Millions of homes, small businesses and network professionals who use these tools daily are impacted.
  • Homes: Home networks can no longer see all the device’s connected to their OWN home network using a free application. This reduces a home owner’s ability to keep their network secure.
  • IT Professionals: Networking professionals can no longer use their iPhones to troubleshoot a network. To troubleshoot like they could using a free app, they are now forced to purchase an additional piece of hardware running locally on a network. No access to MAC addresses also creates countless hours of manual work inputting a device’s details and MAC address information.

Join our cause - Petition Apple

Sign this petition, to ask Apple to allow approved networking tools and apps to access MAC address information via an app entitlement program or by allowing users a choice.

Thanks for your support to #savenetworktools

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This petition had 29,172 supporters

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