Put the band Infant Annihilator back on Spotify and iTunes

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The genre of Deathcore is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. It's different from the average music that is played on the radio with its heavy, and intense sound making it unique from the rest.

One of the bands I enjoy listening to in particular is the band Infant Annihilator. Their music is considered the pinnacle of today's Deathcore scene with it's unique sound and phenomenal talent by its members. 

On September 13th 2017 the band posted on their Facebook account a screenshot of an email that Spotify and iTunes deemed their content to be too offensive and inappropriate to be on their respected platforms.

This is very unjust and unfair considering a lot of the content on the iTunes Store as well as Spotify consists of Hip Hop and other genres that are just as inappropriate or offensive if not more. 

Why should the fans of Infant Annihilator not be able to enjoy their favorite band but fans of an artist like Lil Wayne or xxxtentacion who are both notorious for very offensive lyrical content depicting misogynistic, sexual, and gang related themes be allowed to be kept on those streaming services? 

So I ask of you Apple and Spotify to please reconsider your choice to remove this band from your streaming service that we use our hard earned dollars to use, and allow us fans of Deathcore to continue to listen to our favorite band on your service. Thank you.

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