Put song ratings back on iOS

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The latest version of iOS (10) has removed the ability for users to rate songs from within the music player app. This is a huge problem for me and many other iTunes users.

Many people (like me) have been using these ratings for a long-time to organize our music collections. We've poured countless hours of our lives into this labor of love. We set up smart playlists based on ratings to synchronise the right tracks to our phones. We love the ability to rate songs 'on the fly' and continually perfect our music library. 

And to be honest, it is this rating ability, coupled with smart playlists and play count meta-data that is keeping me (and many others) still on iTunes. If this becomes unworkable I will be (sadly) turning by back on iTunes and moving over to a service like Spotify.

Apple: you've been the home for many music lovers so far. And the music loving community is large. Do not alienate us! We're the committed audience you need to fuel the long-term success of the iTunes music store.

Thousands of people are already venting their frustrations about this on discussion forums:

"I'm very disappointed. It just has to be an oversight. I've spent YEARS perfecting my star ratings and creating playlists based on them." (

"Being able to organise your music with ratings and smart playlists is THE key reason why I use Apple Music and iTunes rather than spotify, which is awful for slightly more than basic music organisation." (

PS. At the very least, please Apple make a guarantee that you will not be removing rating data from the iTunes music store. At least then we can use workaround solutions like alternative music player apps "Cesium Music Player", or widgets like "music rating". It's not ideal, but we'll live with it.



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