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Apple: Please Support Navigation Timing API in Safari


In 2012, the W3C adopted a new standard for collecting Browser Performance data.


However, we are still not getting accurate performance metrics from Safari! Most browsers use this standard, but as Apple does not support it, we are left with an unreliable method to capture performance metrics.

Letter to
Safari Apple
Dear Apple,

Every single day, I'm tasked with giving my end users the best possible web experience. To do so, I need to know how my website actually behaves out in the wild so accurate ways to measure how my website performs are absolutely critical.

Other browsers have included an API (and the W3C recommends it too) called Navigation Timing. It picks up on page requesting and rendering events so I can identify and optimize page loading bottlenecks. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case in the current version of Safari. I'm surprised by this as Apple is usually at the forefront of improving end-user experiences.

I want my end users to have a better, faster experience on Safari and their Apple mobile devices, but I need your help. I'm joining a petition to add this API on an upcoming release – I think it will benefit everyone who works with or browses on Safari.

Thank you in advance!

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