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Lets Make These Hen and Stag Emojis Happen!


Hi, we are Red 7.  We have created this petition because we need your help to make the #Mankini, Beer Googles Guy, Bride to be and Hen and Stag emoji collection a reality. There’s emojis for a night out, but they just don’t quite make the cut. Where’s the mankini emoji?!

We want the emojis to be put in the official emoji keyboard.  But there is a problem:  We can only get the emojis included in the official keyboard after they have been approved by the Unicode Consortium.

That’s why we need your help to sign this petition which we can then take to the Unicode Consortium to get our emojis included in the official emoji keyboard.

Make these emojis a reality and sign the petition today.

Thank you from all the Team at Red7.

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