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Use the same quality LCD in all their computers

Unbeknownst to customers, Apple uses 3 different LCDs in it's products. These LCDs can come from Samsung, LG, or AUO. There is nothing wrong with a manufacturer diversifying their supply chain and we all support Apple in its right to use whomever they want to makes their computers.  But the problem is that the 3 displays are not even close in performance to each other.  Consumers end up in a lottery process. You don't know if your screen will have yellow whites, washed out colors, or even in the case of the MacBook Pro Retina - Image Retention. Apple counts on most consumers not noticing this or having a genius tell you that you are imaginging things,so take your MacBook Pro or Air up to any Apple store, you can sit yours next to one on display to see if it's the same as they are showing for sale. About 50% of the time, you will be shocked to find out your display is nowhere as nice as the one at the store. In the worst case, you will find that your computer has a washed out hazzy display or image retention.  This situation is very unfair to consumers and Apple in no way warns it's consumers that they may end up with any one of the three different LCDs. Consumers need a voice and Apple needs to stop cutting their stock with these lesser quality LCDs. Check your LCD or on the MacBook Pro Retina

If Apple is going to use the three manufacturers, then please make sure that they are the same in performance and quality.  

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