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Stop exploiting the US Patent system to hurt fair competition.

Apple was recently awarded patents in the US for basic, essential, and previously used features for electronic devices like mobile touch-screen phones. These features include things like electronic lists, pinch-to-zoom, basically using your finger/stylus to navigate a touch screen, moving items on a screen, scrollbars, and more. Not only has Apple used a patent system which is not ready for technologies of today, to get a grip on basic and essential usability methods, not inventions; but they are abusing their patents to try to destroy competition. This hurts all users, drives up costs, and slows innovation.

We want Apple to: 1) Drop the ban on Samsung Galaxy Tablets and Galaxy Nexus phones. 2) Issue a public apology for claiming patents to features and technologies they did not create and were in existence and use before Apple's products; as well as attempting to destroy fair competition. 3) Push for US Patent system reform, that will be able to properly handle modern technology and software, something it is not currently designed to do.

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