Apple Inc: a fix for random freeze problem when displaying Thai script on iOS 7

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I am aware that a number of Thai iOS users have attempted to contact or report to Apple about this bug, but so far there has been no official word or response from Apple whatsoever. In order to improve chances on Apple taking action, I think it is probably best to take it to the public.

Whenever a user attempts to browse a Thai website containing a relatively big chunk of Thai script, Safari, or any other browsers utilizing the Safari engine on iOS 7 would freeze for a few seconds. Changing the screen orientation from portrait to landscape with the presence of Thai script would also induce the freeze.

Visiting websites such as or any blog post or news article that contains a large chunk of Thai script would reproduce the freeze. 

The issue is not isolated to browsers. Applications that attempt to display a big chunk of Thai script including Notes, Evernote, Pocket, or even Facebook (for status updates that contain long paragraphs of Thai text) would:

  • - temporarily freeze
  • - temporarily display a white/blank section in place of the Thai text
  • - omit that section entirely or display distorted text

The problem is universal and present in all devices that run iOS 7.0 to 7.0.2. The problem has never occurred in iOS 4/5/6.

Another issue associated with the Thai script that we would like Apple to take a look at is the consistency in displaying the Thai script. The section highlighted in red in the attached screenshot shows the new iOS 7 typeface for the Thai text. The text conversely changes to the old iOS 6 typeface once a link is present in the same paragraph (highlighted in orange).

We would like Apple to take swift action as it is causing users time and frustration; whilst the inconsistency in displaying the Thai script strongly contradicts the new iOS 7 design philosophy.

What can I do now?

Users: you can use Apple iPhone Feedback to help us notify Apple about this issue whilst we are gathering more supporters.

Developers: please use Apple Bug Report to help us notify Apple engineers directly about this problem. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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