Fix all MacBook Pro 2017 with pink stripes/bars

Fix all MacBook Pro 2017 with pink stripes/bars

5 October 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Robert Marsh

Using the MacBook Pro 13 or 15" 2017 or 2018 under normal conditions over time, your laptop may start to show following symptoms:

5 vertical magenta and 1 vertical black/white/lines/blurred stripes when the laptop display is at a certain angle and/or at all angles.

The proper screen image may be seen without these bars at a very specific angle. The bars can also be red lines and/or distortion over a normal looking display eventually turning into the above description.

This issue is similar to the original #flexgate but rather than the cable being pinched or fractured and disconnecting totally it is simply being bent so that the image signal is not getting through correctly.

This is due to a design flaw as the flex cable connecting the display to the chassis is too short and is being bent.

Some users started experiencing this issue just months after purchase. Others inside of 1 year and others after their warranty had run out. Some people have gone and purchased repairs for their devices for 600USD only for their displays to start having the same problem later. There are countless user reports of this problem widespread on the internet with even more comments from customers with exactly the same problem.

It is unacceptable for a device to be sold to consumers with such an obvious design flaw in the first place but especially so without taking the mistake in stride and offering a solution.

This kind of sell now fix later approach has been prevalent in Apple's sales philosophy in the last few years and it brings up the question of whether Apple's QA process is up to scratch.

We kindly ask Apple to include this problem in an extended warranty program addressed to this issue as soon as possible, and to take more care when releasing products to faithful customers who see Apple as a cut above the rest when it comes to quality assurance, customer support and product quality just as Steve Jobs would have wanted.

For more information and user reports visit here.

Thank you,

Your customers

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Signatures: 456Next goal: 500
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