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Change Your Juicebox Packaging

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Apple & Eve is a company that produces juice based products. It is the juice brand San Lorenzo High School has chosen to serve to students. Their juice box packaging contains a straw wrapper that, unfortunately, is one of the most commonly found pieces of litter at our school. 

The issue is as follows: straw wrappers from Apple & Eve juice box packaging are littering our campus and our community watershed. They are a soft plastic that cannot be recycled. These little wrappers are a shiny, prime target for birds and other animals to digest after being blown by the wind or washed by the rain into the San Lorenzo Creek. As EarthTeam high school interns, we witness and collect data on the types of environmental problems that frequently occur on campus and have chosen to take action against the #1 cause of litter at our school.

You may be thinking, “Can’t students just throw away the straw wrappers to eliminate superfluous litter on campus?” Besides the fact that these wrappers are easy to lose and frequently fall from the juice box before a student gets the chance to throw them away, putting them in a landfill is hardly a solution to the problem. This is the one of the smallest pieces of litter so it is really hard to find. Also, if this soft plastic is sent to a recycling bin, at the transfer station, an employee whose daily job is already difficult enough, will have to probe through the gears of the machines and retrieve the wrappers that in fact, hinder their ability to recycle efficiently. They will then be sent to a landfill anyway.

In order to combat this problem, we propose a change in its form of packaging. Milk cartons, already provided by San Lorenzo High for breakfast, offer a safe and seal patent design all the while remaining strawless and better for the environment -- so we asked ourselves, "Why not do the same for Apple & Eve?" While standard juice boxes contain six layers of paper, polyethylene (plastic), and aluminum foil, the much more environmentally sound design of our milk cartons contain merely tree pulp, which makes them extremely cost efficient with very little waste and 100% recyclable. With over 1,500 pieces of litter collected on our school campus, virtually none were of milk cartons which makes us truly believe that if the juice box containers were exchanged for a strawless, 100% recyclable product, our litter count here at San Lorenzo High campus would be tremendously reduced. We also feel that this will be a more efficient and cheaper method for Apple & Eve, as well as attract more consumers to purchase Apple & Eve juice products, having the knowledge that their packaging is green.

By changing the juice box design to that of milk cartons, we can eliminate the use of plastic wrappers and straws. As a result, students are less prone to litter them on campus. Little plastic wrappers and straws can be a hassle to pick up, as wind can scatter them all around school. The new juice carton will not only be easier to recycle, but will also be an innovative way to reduce litter on school campus.

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