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Enable WiFi Calling and Texting on iPhone 4s and 5

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-----------------------------------------UPDATED! September 23rd, 2014

BIG QUESTION FOR APPLE!:   If, as you told T-Mobile, you cannot support WiFi calling on the 4s and 5 because "it has the wrong chip"  - THEN WHY WILL FACETIME MAKE BOTH WIFI VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS USING WIFI ON THE 4S AND 5??!!  If it works for "your" WiFi (e.g. FaceTime), then why not T-Mobile's as well?   A real dubious double-standard appears to be at play here, and sure sounds like pure marketing positioning (Read: "Lies") to those of us signing this petition. Come clean Apple and release straightforward WiFi calling w/o FaceTime on T-Mobile iPhone 4s and 5 models as your CEO led T-Mobile's CEO to believe you would be doing.  You've sold billions of dollars worth of iPhones - you telling us you can't afford to turn on a feature that YOU ALREADY ARE DOING WITH YOUR APP?!!

-----------------------------------------UPDATED! September 18, 2014

With today's release of iOS8, Apple enable WiFi calling, but ONLY on later versions (iPhone 5c and beyond), and NOT on the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 as was told to TMobile. So this petition still needs to be supported as it appears Apple's decision was based more on selling new phones than on supporting it's existing users who have waited years for them to release iOS8 which we were told would support WiFi calling.

------------------------------------------ORIGINAL PETITION

T-Mobile supports WiFi phone calling and texting on Android phones which really provides an assist in areas of sporadic coverage. When you switch from an Android to iPhone you lose this advantage due to Apple's lack of support for WiFi phone calling. In my home I never had service connection problems on T-Mobile with Android, until I 'upgraded' to an iPhone 5, and then my signal became almost non-existent. Thus it is clearly an APPLE iPHONE ISSUE and not a T-Mobile coverage issue. Since I doubt Apple is going to do anything to improve the antenna on an iPhone 5, the least they could do to make up for the poor reception capability of an iPhone 5 is to add the software upgrade necessary to enable WiFi calling and texting on T-Mobile. This is a clear customer service improvement Apple could easily make. T-Mobile wants this, T-Mobile Customers want this - it is all up to Apple wether to allow it to happen.

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