Bring back the 17-inch MacBook

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While iPhones are getting bigger, iPads are getting bigger, why the MacBooks are getting... smaller?

Not certainly demanding a new 19" something but there indeed is the want for the old 17" sized MacBook back. There are a lot of users that still prefer that good old screen size (old is gold), and very much, as opposed to preferring an entire iMac or a Workstation carrying around. Professionals need the extra screen space the 17" provide for work, and gamers would go crazy over a +17" retina display, the possibility to have a REAL portable workstation to work everywhere and anywhere (without mandatorily needing a second screen or monitor!) is a simple attractive formula (Apple is about simplicity, Right?) that no second-screen solution could replace. And therefore, would eagerly welcome what Apple meaninglessly abandoned.

Here's a how a user sums up in the Comment section:

"A convenience you can't miss if you are a freelance working and live as a NOMAD, as on demand resource for your project."

"Does the Ads & Advertisements of Apple ever used an iPad?"

Why Apple wants to develop for more towards 12-inch like MacBook offerings or offerings aside Mac (like iPads) as a 'Prosumer' product, is a questionable intention towards the future of Mac. And so, for those who would like to and still prefer to, raise your voice by signing this petition.

You can simply share by copy-pasting the link of Change.Org below to any site & social-site. It would help, including you. Every help helps. The journey of a Thousand miles, start with one, and it starts with you. It would in a way, also help Apple, as iOS apps, after-all are mostly existent because of the existence of a Mac and if the developers start switching, so is the ecosystem and than the preference outside of iOS.

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(The essence of a MacBook seeks to be kept alive with keyboards along with the intend to not having a touchscreen (ever). Than the continued existence of 'bezels' should be questionable when it comes to a MacBook from a Corporation like Apple. However, even iPads continue to squeeze? Xiaomi Mi Mix was the breaking news of 2016 that realised the bezel-less concept even with being a touch-screen enabled, enabling the world a more practical screen-to-body ratio. The 17-inch sized MacBook can realise this dream in an almost current 15-inch factor.)