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Apple: Bring back Slide to Unlock in iOS 10

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Apple needs to bring back Slide to Unlock in iOS 10.  An option to enable Slide to Unlock provides users with a feature they are used to having and still want.  The FOUR main reasons to bring back Slide to Unlock are:

  1. there have been issues with devices having broken Home buttons from frequent use.  By increasing the usage of the Home button to unlock the device, there is greater likelihood the Home button will be broken and thus decreasing customer satisfaction.
  2. from an ergonomic standpoint, pressing the home button to unlock forces the user to  perform actions at 2 different positions to work with the device--first press the home button and second reposition one's finger to interact with the touchscreen.  Bringing back Slide to Unlock allows the user's finger to already be positioned to interact with the device after unlocking the screen.  Slide to Unlock falls in line with Apple's DNA in making things work as simply as possible.
  3. Users are accustomed to Slide to Unlock so this should be a feature that is at least an option to have.  
  4. Inadvertent activation of Siri which delays the user from reaching their home screen.  Frequent occurrences have caused users to turn Siri off.

If you are an iOS user, please help Apple realize their mistake and support this petition.  This is a simple (previous) feature request which Apple could implement at a moment's notice.  Thank you for your support!

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