Ask Apple to reconsider the ban on ALL apps related to vaporization

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Apple recently removed all vaporization-related apps from the app store. We respectfully ask Apple to reconsider its decision which groups all the good guys with all the very bad apples. 

Not all vapes are created equal. Our mission at Ghost Vapes is to Respect The Flower. Our medical-grade devices allow adults to consume legal safe whole flower cannabis. No additives. ONLY natural flower and extract. We at Ghost Vapes have specifically stayed away from the oil-filled cartridge-based vaping products because we know convenience is not nearly important as knowing exactly what you're consuming. 

The ONLY thing we have in common with the recent news about vaping is the word itself. Ghost Vapes and many other high-end dry-herb vaporizers cannot be used with oil-cartridges. 

Adult consumers across 34 legal states and around the world rely on our app to customize their device, enhance their experience, and also lock it safely out of children's hands. 

Apple: We ask you to reconsider your decision, and instead of removing the solution to a public health crisis from your app store, you support those who Respect The Flower and provide a natural alternative.