Apple Authorized Customer Service in Erode

Apple Authorized Customer Service in Erode

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Jai Santhoshi Sathish Kumar started this petition to Apple

Hello everyone, I am Jai Santhoshi.S, a second-year undergraduate. I am currently residing in Erode City. I am here, at this platform, because I think if I don't raise this issue now, then there'll never be an answer to the amount of exploitation a service centre has done under the name of Planet Care, an Authorized Apple Service Centre. I would also like to add that, I have been an Apple customer for the past six years, starting from 2014, when I had purchased an iPad Air 1, and I also use an iPhone XR, which I had purchased last year. I have also been using a Macbook Pro 2017 approximately for the last three years, which was bought in the year 2017. 

This petition is against a service centre under the name Planet Care - Address is as follows: #141/1, LKA Complex, Perundurai Road, Palaya Palayam, Opp. Sakthi Mahal, Erode, Tamil Nadu 638011

This is an petition against the Service Centre, and not the product in itself.

The events are as follows: 

1) Back in 2019, somewhere around August, the keyboard in my laptop had malfunctioned. I had gotten it replaced for free under the following program ( by Apple since it had this issue where some letters don't appear when you type. I had gotten this done in an Apple Authorised service centre in Chennai (I am an undergraduate studying in Chennai). I had an amazing response from the Chennai Service there! Kudos to the team.

2) Three months later, I had a display-related issue, for which I had taken the system to Planet Care, in Erode, which is also my hometown. I was told that the system display had been under "pressurized" situations, and the display was replaced. I was not informed of what the actual issue was, and I had been told that it was covered under Warranty.

3) A month ago, I faced an issue with my camera. I had taken it to the service centre for which I had been asked to submit my device after backing up. Along with the camera issue, I had also complained about the same display issue. For which there again was no response. Two weeks later, my display completely blacked out.

4) After a little bit of googling, I had come to know about the flexgate issue. The flexgate cable is very fragile cable, and it isn't generally supposed to pop out or be visible in general.

5) August 28- When my brother took the device to the service centre , he was told that we had serviced it in an unauthorized centre, that is gotten my display fixed by an unauthorized apple service care centre, and I was precisely accused of the same. The reason was that, the flexgate cable is generally not visible, and it doesn't come out, and it just denotes poor service. Later, when I submitted proof that it was the same service centre, they who had fixed it, they told it was physical damage, and it can't be covered under any program. They also stated out that the one who had fixed my product is not working in the service centre anymore. After a 3 hour long wait (10 AM-1 PM), my brother had brought the product back home. 

A 3-hour long wait, in the COVID-19 Crisis, is also to be noted. The response from the service was also very rude. They weren't able to own up, and they had also accused the customer.

Meanwhile in I had called Apple Care around 11 AM and I had complained about their rude behaviour and negligence, and I was told that they would reach out to the service centre and ask about the whereabouts and the situation of the laptop. I was also told I would receive a call back on Monday (August 31). 

6) August 31 - I had called back the centre around 10 AM and asked about the status. They told me to resubmit the MacBook to the same centre. I said I would do so by 2 PM due to the unavailability of commute. Around 1:30PM, the service centre (Planet Care) personnel had called me and asked me to mail the pictures of the MacBook the very moment, and told me that there was no need to submit the Mac by 2 PM and he will call me back by 5 PM and will then tell me what to do with the MacBook (whether to submit or not). 

I had no response/reply, as indicated by 5 PM. So the next morning at 10 AM (September 1), I had taken the MacBook and submitted it regardless, and I had also informed the Apple Customer Service (Apple Care) that I had submitted it. They had told me that they would get back to me by Thursday after running a diagnosis as well. But, Planet Care didn't care to drop a message or update me about the Macbook's diagnosis.

September 3 (Today): I had a callback from Apple at 3 PM today, and I was informed that there was physical damage according to the diagnosis run by Planet Care, and the warranty is only valid for three months from replacement. The replacement costs will have to be covered under my expenses. Secondly, when I asked about what had been done regarding the Customer Care complaint against Planet Care, I wasn't given a proper reply. I had also informed them about how I had not received any update after my submission on Tuesday from Planet Care, Erode.

I would also like to state that when I asked about the cost of replacement, the Apple Care had told me, it depends upon the service centre and varies accordingly. How will a customer know what the actual price of the display screen is until he/she checks or cross verifies with another store? They had a fair point stating that Apple products are not manufactured here, so they won't be able to state a specific price. But what sort of proof exists for the actual cost for replacement of the screen?

After the 3 PM call which was around like for an hour, I had called the Planet Care Service centre almost 5 times. No response. The call goes in a deep blip and ends. Nobody responds. No callbacks yet. I had called back to the mobile number from which I received a call on Monday. No response. I had no indication or response from Planet Care until this very moment (September 3, 10 PM).

All I am asking for is this - 

  • Now, if I replace the display in the same Planet Care, Erode, what is the guarantee that my product won't have another "Physical Damage" despite proper handling and care by the customer or the same flexgate issue in another three months.The Erode Service Centre can't own up to their mistake/poor service. They dodge their mails and superiors.
  • This petition is in conclusion against how Planet Care, Erode, treats customers poorly, how they don't respond to customers, their rude and impatient behaviour, how they don't resolve issues, how they don't give a callback, how they don't respond to calls from a customer, and how there is no proper information about the issue or transparency to be precise. 
  • Erode is a developing smart city. There are a lot of valuable customers and potential customers residing here. In the name of an Authorised Service Centre, I believe customers are being exploited, while most of them don't raise or escalate the issue mostly owing to lack of awareness. 

Kindly support me in this case, where justice be served and where Customers are provided with the information they deserve to know and the service which they pay for.

Note: As stated previously, being a second-year undergrad, and my semester being online, I had a tough time tackling this issue, and I had to balance the 1-2 hour-long calls with the customer service (Apple Care) in between my class hours.  

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