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Appeal to add telugu text to speech for blind to read telugu in voice over.

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This An appeal from Telugu speaking Apple users who are blind to include telugu text to speech voice in voice over, which will be useful to read Telugu text. We are unable to read the telugu content using IOS. 

Dear Sir/madam,

                We, the great enthusiasts and lovers of apple products from visually impaired Telugu speaking community would like to congratulate for achieving the incredible progress in the field of accessible technology. For the past ten years apple has been successful in revolutionizing the technology by introducing various products to meet the day today challenges with ease.

                Apple products are advantageous to the entire community in general and visually challenged in particular. Since the inception of apple products having voiceover support, we could enjoy the dignity, privacy and liberty to use them for our personal communication with much pride.

Introduction of JAWS, Kurzweil and other accessible software’s in computers, visually challenged community enjoys the privilege to read and write at their handiness with dignity.  Fortunately, JAWS makers also included Telugu TTS recently.

                In terms of accessibility, apple as always been in the forefront in addressing the concerns of the technically disadvantaged like visually challenged by improving voiceover features.

                On the above circumstances, I would love to bring something important to your kind notice, which can bring a greater change in our lives largely. The inclusion of Telugu language text to speech supported by voiceover in IOS languages can benefit us in accessing the valuable literature available in Telugu language. The Text to Speech service converts any text, pdf or eBook and natural language to generate synthesized audio output. TTS Reader Instantly reads the text loud with natural sounding voices which helps the visually impaired to understand the written documents better.

                Telugu is considered as the “Italian of the East” and even spoken by more than 80 million people in not only Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Puducherry and other provinces in India but also other parts of the World. We are glad to say that, Telugu is the first language spoken in India, which has incredible inherited literature magnificence after our national language Hindi and international language English. Besides this, Telugu is 14th largest language in the World, when considered the number of language speakers. No doubt, English is known as International language and universally used in communication tool. The roll of regional language can’t be ignored since regional language is used in daily conversation mainly for common masses.

                We express our deep apprehension Telugu text to speech (TTS) is not included in Apple languages. People, especially visually challenged have to rush to Android and other Operating Systems due to non-availability of Telugu TTS in IOS. They also have the misconception that, Apple products may not be suitable to their lifestyle and ignore Apple products even though they have purchasing capability. Having Telugu TTS could be a boon to the visually challenged community to access privacy and to keep the communication alive. Since there are, many apps and developers in Telugu, inclusion of Telugu TTS in IOS could enhance market share largely.

                Hence, we would be owe the developers and designers, if Telugu language TTS is included in IOS list of languages. We are waiting with wide opened eyes for your next update having Telugu TTS is one of its substantial features. In this endeavor, we would promise to extend our support if needed.

Your's sincerely,
Paramesh Nagavolu.

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