Hi this is Alanna. When I was making a little poem about how we should respect our differences and love each other for who we are (I love writing), I thought it would be really cute if I could put a pattern of all different little emoji people holding hands at the bottom. I went on the emoji keyboard on my iPad and realized that all the little people basically look the same.

I knew about change.org from my Youth Empowered Action summer camp, and I really wanted to include more diverse emojis of all races so I decided to create a petition.

Right now, the emojis are almost all Caucasian, but not everyone is Caucasian. I saw that they included two gay couples, an Indian dude, a Russian dude (I think), and some Asian people. But they didn't have any African Americans, Latinos, or many Asians with the exception of maybe 1.  I may be 12 years old (now 13), but I know that racism is a major issue in America, and though this may seem like a small issue, it is part of a bigger whole.

I have learned that emoji is really part of a complicated language called Unicode and that Google and Apple can help to design new and diverse people for emoji. Though they might not understand this, it is a form of racism to put others down just because their skin is a different tone. What's more messed up than that? So I am writing a friendly letter to tell them that we'd like to see an improvment to their keyboard.

So I belive that if people start to change the small things, those bigger things will change too. My mom is always telling me "We are all one, we are all connected" and she is right, if we change these emoji's, people would start to recognize, hey everyone's different, and we all got emoji's. Not just that, but it'd be really cool to see an Indian family, Latino child, or African-American dancer. All people are unique and different, this is what makes all of us special. So I really do hope Apple and Google will support my petition. I hope you will sign it, too.

Thank you, everyone.


Alanna Curtis

Letter to
Apple Software Company Tim Cook
CEO and Co-Founder Larry Page
When I added emoji to my keyboards, I noticed that you only include Caucasian people faces, no Chinese, African American, or Latino, faces were included. This isn't right, as not everyone looks like those faces. I am asking you to please add faces of all races to your emoji keyboard.

I think it is important that we celebrate our differences instead of putting others down just because of who they are. I know you probably aren't aware of this, so I'm writing to ask you to please include more diverse faces in your emojis, please notify whoever created them to create a new set.

It would be really cool seeing an African American baby, a Latino family or a mixed race couple! You already have same-sex couples, so I know you can do this. And it would put a smile to so many peoples faces.

I really think that by listening to me, you could make the whole keyboard alot cuter and alot more snazzyer. Plus it'd be a great way to advertise, just imagine, you'd sell a lot more products. The world needs to know there is no superior race, we are all the same, we are all connected, and together we can make this happen. :-)