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Please add a Hijab emoji for Muslims!

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Upon viewing the new emoji update in iOS 9.1, I was at first excited. But I was quickly disappointed to see no hijab emoji, or a person wearing a hijab emoji at all! How are we going to make progress if we don't include everyone in our path for peace and acceptance? The hijab is a head covering worn by many Muslim women as a part of their religion. Most women that wear the hijab have expressed that they not only see their hijabs as a religious clothing, but a part of their indentity too. We have emojis for same sex couples, families, other cultures, not to mention wedding traditions that not everyone celebrates, yet we're missing an emoji that will truly help to capture the world's amazing diversity and willingingness to respect other religions. Emojis have slowly started becoming more and more progressive, so what better to combat the Islamophobia that many Muslims face for wearing the hijab than an emoji to show our solidarity for hijab wearers? Now, more than ever, we need to voice our support, though this may seem like a small step, I can guarantee to you, that just like the LGBT+ emojis, these hijab emojis will be warmly accepted among many communities. This is your chance to see change happen! Sign the petition to help your fellow Muslim friends, and spread the word! Please, it'll definitely mean a lot.

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