Save Boomer: Dog ordered by Judge to be destroyed with no proof of attack.

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Boomer is a Pitbull mix that has found himself in a seemingly impossible situation. However, we can help! Please read the details of the case, sign the petition and SHARE! 

Boomer has been accused and convicted of killing his Chihuahua neighbor. He has been ordered to be destroyed by the court and the Circuit Court upheld the order because the Judge said that if there is a chance that Boomer did this, it was good enough for him. 

The problem is that there is no chance that Boomer is guilty. 

The Facts:

Boomer was found circling in the corner of the Chihuahuas' yard with the Chi already dead in another area of the yard. He was found with no blood on him anywhere. He has a white muzzle and chest, if he had attacked, this is where blood evidence would be most prominent. Also, as a Veterinarian testified to, these are the areas in which a dog could not clean himself.               

Boomer and the Chi were friends, fencemates, neighbors. Dogs are compassionate creatures and very protective. Because of the nature and timing of the attack, it is believed that a coyote attacked and Boomer came to his friends aid. The Chi was torn open from the stomach. Coyotes eat the innards, therefore they rip open the stomach. The attack was very swift and the Chi was dead within minutes. When a domesticated dog attacks, it is not to eat, it is for sport. They will chase and play with their catch, taking up to a half hour to kill. Boomer was only outside for a couple of minutes. If a dog does attack for feeding they will eat from the anus in,  they will not eat the internal organs. The time of year was April and the attack was around 3 in the afternoon. Unbeknownst to Boomers Counsel at the time of trial, there had been a coyote warning issued by the city. This information was withheld and only recently discovered. April in Michigan is the time of year that adult coyotes teach their young to hunt and kill. It typically takes 30 seconds to 3 minutes for a coyote to kill it's prey. 

A behavioralist testified that Boomer is non reactive to other dogs. Meaning he's not dog aggressive. He plays with other dogs, big and small, and has not shown any signs of aggression at all. If a dog has aggressively attacked and killed another dog, they would most definitely show signs of aggression around other dogs. 

Boomer sits in a boarding facility awaiting his second appeal, which could take up to 8 months before a decision is made as to whether the appeal will be heard.

PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE this petition. Let's send a message to the Michigan State Court of Appeals. Dog's are family, they are not disposable. Ordering them to be destroyed on a "Chance" that they could be guilty, as the Appellate Judge ruled in this case, is unacceptable. 

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