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Appeal to Tamil Magazines

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Respected Editors,

At the outset we thank you for bringing us the news around the world amidst many challenges. We truly appreciate your commitment to expose the injustice existing in the society. Press is considered to be the fourth Estate of Democracy. The pen is mightier than the sword" is a metonymic  adage coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton and we all believe that to be true.

With such mighty sword you have it is really sad and shameful to note that you encourage Sexual Exploitation and Porn Pictures in your Magazines.  On one hand you write and publish on the atrocities and injustices done to Women by the Government, lobbyists, authorities and common men.  On the other hand you publish Body exposing pictures of actresses and celebrity women which are otherwise called as ‘Sexy  or porn Picture’.  In the name of cinema news what you are doing is only considered to be ‘Flesh Trade’.

With this Publishing Porn pictures act of yours we hold you accountable for creating sexual temptation amongst men which instigate them to misbehave, molest and rape women.  Children are the most affected because of your irresponsible exploitation. Men who are sexually aroused by these porn pictures exploit Children and Teen age girls who are highly innocent.

Ms. Magazine quotes that “In a culture with widespread sexual objectification, women (especially) tend to view themselves as objects of desire for others. This internalized sexual objectification has been linked to problems with mental health  (clinical depression“habitual body monitoring”), eating disordersbody shameself-worth and life satisfactioncognitive functioningmotor functioningsexual dysfunction [PDF], access to leadership [PDF] and political efficacy [PDF]. Women of all ethnicities internalize objectification, as do men to a far lesser extent.”

We also hold your responsible for treating Women as Sex-objects disseminating ideologies that are proving to be disrespectful and dangerous to Women. You are objectifying women as objects of sexual desire. You are de-humanizing them.

M.A.S.E.S hereby demands respect for the Women’s Body and urge you to withdraw this practice of Publishing Porn / Sexy / Body Exposing Pictures of Actresses and Celebrity Women in your Magazines. We demand a commitment from you for the safety of Women and Children.

On reaching significant number of signatures on this petition M.A.S.E.S  will also urge the Government of India, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, National Commission for Women, The National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commission, National Alliance of Women, Press Council of India and, Women’s Organizations and other Human Rights bodies to urge the magazines to be more responsible and respectful in projecting Women’s bodies.

Exploitation of Women’s body in Media is to be considered as discrimination against Women and its to be considered against the commitment given by government of India to CEDAW.

India ratified and signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Discriminations against Women (CEDAW) in July 1993, making it thereby obligatory that the country report periodically (every 4 years) to the 23 member UN CEDAW Committee ( independent experts) on the state actions taken for the removal of discrimination against women in the country. 

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