MBBS Evening Classes Will Augment Better Health Facilities To Pakistanis

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As government of Pakistan cannot build new medical colleges overnight so the simplest approach to save millions of rupees to start MBBS Evening Classes.

The following are merits of MBBS Evening Classes

  1. The number of doctors produced by existing Medical Colleges will be simply doubled with zero extra infrastructure cost.
  2. More doctors will improve doctor-patient ration in country.
  3. People will be saved from quacks.
  4. A doctor brings more foreign exchange in Pakistan than any other professional.


  1. Almost 20,000 vacancies of doctors are still unfilled in Punjab Only.
  2. Almost 3000 students out of 65000 students are able to get admission in 17 public medical colleges of Punjab each year and almost 2000 students out of 38000 students are able to get admission in KPK due to lack of medical colleges in public sector, but number of doctors can be doubled if MBBS-Evening classes will be started.
  3. Almost 0.81 doctor to 1000 patients is present ratio in Pakistan having population of 200 million whereas in Congo it is 9.0 Doctors to 1000 Patients and population of Congo is almost 78 million.

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