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Appeal the 'suspended sentence' of Keerthi Eswaran

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  • Keerthi Eswaran's taxidermy collection would have been worth more than $500,000 on the black market. (Source: ABC News) 
  • Eswaran's lawyer claimed that he had found 'a lot of them on the side of the road.' (Source: ABC News) 
  • This is considered the biggest protected wildlife seizure in Australia. Rangers and police found 400 individual animals and 91 different species — most of which were protected. (Source: ABC News) 
  • "Today's ruling does recognise the gravity [of the offences], 10 months is a substantial sentence of sorts" - Brett Easton, Wildlife Operations Director of NT Parks and Wildlife (Source: ABC News) 

The judicial decision of Richard Wallace means that a man who pleaded guilty to 370 charges of poaching Australian animals (included protected and endangered species) is allowed back into society. Mr Eswaran's 'devotion to nature' has been nothing but detrimental to the environment and, frankly, his 10-month sentence is inadequate. It demonstrates that not only can you get away with atrocities to protected species, but that the government does not care about the welfare of our wildlife.  

I urge the government and legal system of the Northern Territory to reconsider this decision, to set an example for those who consider the welfare and integrity of animals as something to be exploited. I urge the people who care about the welfare of the environment to speak out against this decision. People who commit crimes against animals and disregard environmental protection laws should not receive such meagre penalties. Our wildlife and ecosystems are beautiful and unique and worthy of protection. It is time for the government to demonstrate that they share our belief. 


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