Parcel Company to Admit Negligence & Take Responsibility in Selling of Traceable Lost Post

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APC Overnight is the trading name of The Alternative Parcels Company Limited.

I prefer to call them APC - Amateur Parcel Company.

Former Yodel boss Jonathan Smith now runs APC Overnight - a company that has ambitions for huge growth - I wish them every success.

Unfortunately, APC is a courier firm failing to make even the most basic checks to ensure that customers get their goods back. This has meant the loss of extremely personal medical documentation, important legal documents, and valuable objects. Even though courier companies apparently have the right to sell off lost parcels they have to make some checks.

From the evidence I have supplied, it looks like the most basic checks have not been made.

1. Sperm donor document (ICO Investigations Team looking into this). Extremely personal patient data relating to IVF treatment

2. MRI scans of British Army Commander who did 2 tours in Afghanistan

3. Legal documents – murder files including official evidence tape of Leicestershire Police Constabulary

4. Insurance documents – accident claims including highly sensitive personal details.

5. Carphone warehouse job applications with signed and completed job application forms scanned copies of passports and driving licenses. From a lost suitcase belonging to personnel from D2Recruitment Agency - Manchester. Also known as D2Retail and D2Group.

6. APC’s own bag of documents – disciplinary hearings and other commercially sensitive information.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication of the many failures of APC Overnight. You can find more information on

Parcel companies can legally sell off undelivered, unclaimed and unidentified items but only if they can demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to trace the true owner.

APC has not only failed in doing so but also accessed and sold on personal data and commercially sensitive data. 

I have added former chairman and director of the company to the petition because they all actively played a role in not resolving this situation. They are all separately directors of businesses that are 'member' depots of APC Overnight.

They've all taken turns to play chief executive of APC Overnight at one time or another.