Stop Proposed Cuts To A Life-Changing Same-Day Transportation Solution For The Disabled

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There are hundreds of thousands of people in New York City who cannot use the subway or city buses. Riders with disabilities have a “paratransit” system instead where we are forced to book travel 24 hours in advance via a shared ride service called Access a Ride, New York’s paratransit. Rides on traditional paratransit are shared and endlessly stressful as they can take hours longer thanks to circuitous routes and endless wait times. This is why many of us have difficulty committing to meaningful or consistent work. How can you take a job if you have no idea whether you’ll make it to work each day, let alone on-time? What do we do if Access a Ride is your only affordable option? 

Finally, two years ago, paratransit and the MTA created a same day e-hail program that was unlimited, more cost efficient per ride and revolutionary. Rides that used to take hours to arrive via app take only minutes. In November the MTA announced shameful cuts to the life changing program down to just 16 rides a month (just EIGHT round trips) only up to a 15 dollar subsidy. They also wrongly asserted that these changes were in line with Boston, D.C., and Chicago, when in fact each of these cities are far more generous.The average cost of an e-hail taxi per trip is $37 (including interborough travel), while the van carriers cost $86 on average. Yet we are given unlimited access only to vans that are slow and much more costly for the city. This makes no sense! 

Sign the petition and help us stop the devastating cuts. Bronx Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, who will carry a bill to preserve the program for two more years, in the Assembly recently said:
“In a city where our mass transit system is too often inaccessible to people with disabilities, it is essential that we ensure our paratransit service is enabling all New Yorkers to move around our city with ease and efficiency,” “Unfortunately, the plan to expand the excellent on-demand pilot program leaves many users behind. Fare caps and ride limits make it nearly impossible for people to use Access-A-Ride to get where they need to go and that needs to change as soon as possible.”

Lend your voice by signing the petition—help save the program and keep it unrestricted, so that all people with disabilities can thrive, engage, and contribute in 2020 and far beyond! Tell city officials that if you do not require everyone to travel with 24-48 hour notice, you cannot require it of people with disabilities. Call on more officials or potential sponsors to prioritize the autonomy of people with disabilities and fund the same day ehail program so it is available to all disabled New Yorkers. Suppression of demand is illegal and suppression of an often isolated population like ours, inhumane. We are a pivotal point in history where we will define how people with disabilities will be treated for generations. We will either slide backwards or catapult forward and inspire all to join us. Use hashtags #AccessARights #EquitableTransportation4All