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We are Gatlinburg

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Since the devastating fires of November 28th, 2016 a small group of people have been on a witch hunt to lay blame on someone for events that occurred. I am not here to point fingers, and I will not personally attack your motives, however I am here to let you know that you and the sensational media you are creating is not the voice of Gatlinburg. You claim that you are trying to help the community but in the end, all you are doing is hurting everyone around you. You are not creating division in our community,  you are effectively removing yourself from it. You are not my voice, nor my family's, nor my neighbors. We move forward together and it is time you join us in doing so or move on. We will not stand with you in your witch hunt, we will not blame the city manager one week, then the Mayor the next, then the fire chief, then our neighbors, then TEMA, then a hotel, because we are mountain tough and know that the only person that controls our destiny looks at us in the mirror every morning. The point of this petition is not to hinder your freedom of speech, nor to silence you. It is simply to let you know that our voice is louder and we will speak. It is time we move forward with or without you. 

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