Save the Music, Save the Jobs, Let Your Voices Be Heard!

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This came from the Blu On the Water's Facebook page. Please note that I am only a patron. I enjoy the music at all of the establishments including Nautika and Finn's Harborside. I once worked at the Blue Parrot during college and benefited from the patrons who enjoyed the music. Contact the town council and sign this petition. 

To the loyal patrons of the East Greenwich Waterfront District,

As you may or may not have heard, there’s a movement taking place with the potential to drastically change the East Greenwich summers we’ve all come to know and love. Last Monday, March 4th, a town hall meeting took place in which a new ordinance was introduced - one that would essentially eliminate live outdoor entertainment as a whole, specifically targeting the East Greenwich Waterfront District.

You also may or may not have heard that there were no waterfront district representatives present at the town meeting. That’s embarrassing, but it’s true - because we weren’t notified. No one from BLU. No one from Finn’s. And no one from Nautika.

The new ordinance calls for a sound decibel limit of 60 - that’s about the norm for casual conversation (that’s a fact - Google it). We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on sound engineers, sound system limiters, sound barriers and other sound proofing materials all in the name of being the best neighbor we possibly can be. Now, the town seeks to unjustly harm our business and your experience as a customer solely to appease the very vocal few - the very vocal few, mind you, who will not be satisfied until live outdoor entertainment is all but gone.

Jobs will be lost. Businesses will close their doors. Tax dollars will disappear, and East Greenwich will be a very, very different place. On behalf of BLU, Finn’s, and Nautika, we urge you to join us at town hall this Monday (March 11th) at 7pm. We all work hard. We all put our best foot forward. We’re all proud of the destination that East Greenwich has become - the one that we’ve helped create, and the one that it should continue to be.

Furthermore, if you love live music in the beautiful outdoor setting that East Greenwich offers, we highly encourage that you let your town council know! Contact information is as follows:

Mark Schwager
Council President

Michael Donegan
Council Vice President

Caryn Corenthal
Council Member

Renu Englehart
Council Member

Michael Zarrella
Council Member

Monday, March 11th. 7pm. 
East Greenwich Town Hall
125 Main Street
East Greenwich, RI 02818

We hope to see you there!

(Posted again so our words can be shared, not just the one-sided article. Please share! Please email & call the town councilors! Please come Monday!)

Here is a link from The Patch.