No leniency for convicted felon, Mayor Ed Pawlowski!

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Mayor Ed Pawlowski, convicted of 47 counts of bribery, corruption and lying to the FBI has asked his supporters to write the presiding Judge Juan R. Sanchez letters of leniency on his behalf. But it doesn't end there, he included step-by-step instructions on how they should draft their letters. When he was indicted, not only did he not step down (while maintaining his false innocence), he actually ran for a fourth term and won! It took a jury of 12 only 14 hours to deliberate over 54 felony charges before coming back with guilty verdicts on 47 of the 54 counts. The investigation by the FBI started in 2015, but soon-to-be Ex-Mayor Pawlowski has spent 12 years as mayor of Allentown. One can only wonder what the FBI did not uncover during the years they were not investigating! It's time to send a message to ALL politicians, that they are held to the same standards as every other citizen of the United States of America! Please sign if you believe that those who hold office are no less responsible for their actions as you or I!

I specifically asked that The Honorable Judge Juan R. Sanchez does not offer Ed any leniency from his supporters' letter writing campaign! I, as well as anyone else, knows he will not get a 920 year sentence, but I don’t think he should get a slap on the wrist because there are supporters out there who still believe Ed is a stand-up mayor. I firmly believe Ed’s whole letter writing campaign, which incensed me enough to start this petition, will only reflect his callous and ego-centric demeanor, but I was not about to sit idly by and do nothing while a vast majority of Allentonians were seething at this mayor’s gall and lack of remorse (or any effort to do “the next right thing”)!

My intent is not to crucify this man, I do have empathy for all of man/womankind! My intent was merely to let the sitting judge know there are two sides to the opinions of those in the Lehigh Valley.

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