Bring Media Attention to the Thailand Tiger Kingdoms.

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Recently the Tiger Kingdoms in Thailand have drawn my attention. These centers are absolutely disgusting. Countless articles and some videos can be found displaying the cruelty of these so-called reserves. The animals are sedated so people can go into their enclosures and get photos. Due to the drugs in the systems of the tigers (even ones who are just barely older than babies), they seem to be depressed and zombified. To wake them up and make them more alert, handlers will startle them with loud noises and even throw trash like plastic jugs in front of them. On top of this, the tigers are potentially beat. Gash marks can be seen along their bodies and their behaviors towards handlers seem to be hostile. 

If things could get worse, the enclosures have little to no vegetation and are extremely cramped for such large animals. 

When I learned about this, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I just wish to get the peoples' voices heard about this unethical treatment of endangered animals.

So I am not asking for money. I'm just asking you to share your voice and if it doesn't work, I'll try again.