Save Kaysa, the dolphin from the Milad Tower’s dolphinarium, in Tehran !

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Five years ago, a female dolphin named Kasya was captured in her natural environment: The Black sea. Until January 2020, Kasya was kept in captivity with another dolphin in the Milad Tower Dolphinarium of Tehran. Every day, they were performing many shows in front of thousands of spectators.

In January, the Environmental Protection Office in Tehran visited the dolphinarium and discovered Alpha’s dead body. Since the death of her friend, Kasya is motionless, in a deep loneliness, without energy nor happiness.  

Many videos on social media report Kasya’s screams of pain and her mistreatments.

Here is a video of Kasya:

It’s an emergency to save Kasya and send her back to her natural environment as soon as possible! The Dolphinarium has already been notified of the critical situation. They are willing to release the dolphin and send her back to Russia but unfortunately, all borders are closed due to COVID-19.

The Embassy of Russia has already stated that it is impossible to set up any evacuation plan as they would need a response from the dolphin’s owner.

We don’t have time to wait! The dolphin’s survival depends on it. With this petition and your many signatures, we are willing to put pressure on the Russian and Iranian governments, as well as the owner of the dolphinarium, and find a solution as soon as possible.

Sign the petition and help us save Kaysa!

This petition is initiated by YouCare. Our charitable search engine fights for the protection of animals around the world. It was written with the help of our community.