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Let Bengali be the national language of India

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Well, why we honour hindi?

Now see why we should honour Bengali

. Do any community have as many achievers as Bengali?

. The world regards Bengali as the wisest of all

. Bengali was referred to as golden due to immense richness

. Bengali is the best language in world

. Who gave us the opportunity to choose a language? The ones who earned us freedom.

Can any community claim half as many brave martyrs as Bengalis?

Yet such a small area.

When we want the best we set a high goal, not choose an easy language for everybody. We do not want stability but progress. Why fear a language that is difficult though it is the best?

I am shocked to witness the immense dilution the community is burdened with. Many Bengalis are ashamed to be a Bengali!!! Why? Western influence, but their cheap minds forget the whole world is awestruck. They want to feel Bengali. 

Who is against? Get the field here and I shall prove the might of a Bengali. Take the challenge- make me say I am wrong.  I 'will' prove you wrong.

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Proud to be a Bengali.

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