Straw-Free Samohi

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We, Heal the Bay Club, would like to stop the distribution of plastic utensil packets, which include a spork, straw, and napkin, at Santa Monica High School. It is an extreme waste of plastic to wrap three items together, when most students usually only use one or two of the included utensils. In addition, plastic straws are unnecessary components of this ensemble, as they are nonessential and are of minimal convenience. 500,000,000 plastic straws are used every day, and Samohi can do its part to help limit this and be more conscientious of its plastic use. While plastic that is thrown away never biodegrades, littered plastic pollutes our environment. Considering our school is only four blocks away from the Pacific Ocean, our littered, single-use plastic is more likely to end up in the ocean (in comparison to people littering in other places) and harm marine life. We would like Samohi to implement spork and napkin dispensers, and halt the distribution of plastic straws on our campus entirely.