An Egyptian ex-Muslim on Hunger Strike

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A 36 year old Egyptian ex-Muslim and YouTuber by the name of Ahmad Harqan, who states his opinions about religion with utmost politeness, who never hurt anyone nor terrorized anyone found that he is banned from traveling outside of Egypt since 2016. There is no court order against him nor any order from the Attorney General. Yet the National security in Cairo airport and other outlets would not let him pass. This happened 3 time since 2016. Last time he tried to travel was to get married with his sweetheart who is in a different country. He told the guards that but they would not let him out of the security section in the terminal without any explanation. When he lost all hope and  left with no other option, he went on hunger strike. At the time of writing this petition Ahmad  has stopped eating for 7 days. Traveling is an essential part of human rights. Hargan has the right to travel just like any human being, as long as there is no legal issue against him. We need this petition to spread around and reach the media and the Egyptian Embassies and other authorities in Egypt. Hargan is desperate and in very critical condition. Friends tried to make him reconsider his decision but to no avail. He says I either get my right or die. Stating one’s opinion is his right. Locking a person within the boarders of the country is atrocity that shouldn’t be practiced by modern states. I hope this petition gets enough echo before it’s too late.